10 Easy Date Night Ideas For Tired Parents

10 Easy Date Night Ideas

We know you’re busy. Whether you’re running your own business, mom to a few little ones, or juggling a 9-5 and carpool, your life is jam-packed. Sometimes that means romance takes a backseat, and that’s not fun for anyone! You and your partner need quality time, even amidst the craziness of life. We asked our Tribe to give us their favorite at-home, date night ideas. Put the kids to bed, save money on a babysitter and have fun! Here’s a list of our picks!

  1. Microwave popcorn and a movie--the classic date night on a budget!
  2. Paint night in your living room--buy brushes and paints from Target and get creative!
  3. Game night--compete against each other or do puzzles!
  4. Battleship with beer--the adult version of a childhood classic!
  5. Cook dinner together--take a mundane task and make it fun again!
  6. Binge-watch a show on Netflix--you lose points if you don’t pause the TV when your husband has to go to the bathroom!
  7. Build a pillow fort in the living room--put that unfolded laundry to good use!
  8. Build something life-size out of Lego--don’t step on any or you’ll wake the kids!
  9. Create a recipe together--a fun dessert, a savory meat, whatever you like!
  10. Make drinks and then stargaze on the porch--or just pour yourselves some wine!

We hope you have a great time reconnecting with your partner! If you liked our tips, let us know which ones you tried out! #TribeTalk

By: Jaimie Brick, @socialmediabyjaimie


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