By Jaimie Brick

It’s summer; the days are long and the heat is unbearable. We get it. You don’t want to go out, the kids don’t want to go out…but staying in is so boring! The kids get restless and loud and it makes you crazy! We asked our Havah Mamas to give us their favorite suggestions for indoor activities you can do with your little ones on scorching summer days!

  1. Bake cookies or decorate cupcakes! Just keep the AC on to combat that high oven temp.
  2. Make slime or a volcano--kids love anything that squishes!
  3. Play-Doh...worth every minute of clean up!
  4. Buy some paints and canvas. Let each kid be their own Picasso.
  5. Scavenger hunt around the house! Use household items to make it even simpler for mom.
  6. Orbeez--kids of all ages love these magic little beads!
  7. Lanyard! You can make bracelets, necklaces, keychains and more!
  8. Build a pillow fort and watch movies all day! Popcorn for an extra treat!
  9. Fill containers with water and put cheap plastic figurines or Lego pieces inside the bowl. Let them freeze overnight and then hand your kids wooden hammers or metal spoons so they can “excavate!”
  10. Fill a plastic bowl with milk. Fill a small cup with  liquid dish soap. Have your kids take turns putting drops of food coloring into the mix. Dip a Q-tip in the dish soap and then into the milk and watch the colors dance! 
  11. Get wooden letters, paint, glitter, glue on's and a spray sealer and let your kids decorate their names to hang in their rooms. Alternatively get one big wooden board and stencils instead of individual letters. You can also buy scrapbook paper for the stencils so they can cut out their names in pretty patterns and glue onto the wooden board!

We hope you love these ideas! If you try them out, send us pictures and/or let us know which ones worked for you! Send us your ideas so we can add to the list. Happy Summer! #TribeTalk


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