5 Hacks for Surviving Exhaustion and Fatigue as a Mom- What the experts don't tell you!


Sleep deprivation is a real thing, yall, and can lead to feelings of lethargy illness and depression. 
Add to that the start of the new school year, holiday season if you're Jewish, new jobs and mom life, um..... is there a survival guide somewhere?
Usually I would say try to figure out ways to get more sleep, but that may not be the reality for some of us over the next few weeks! For me, I'm adding to the mix tons and tons of hosting, the new collection dropping, traveling with the fam for the holidays, a huge trade show and a fashion show all within 3 weeks. So ya... sleep is not in the cards right now. 
So at times like these the advice we usually hear is take more care of yourself, try to sneak in naps. Reality? I think not. Here is what my real life advice is:
1) Lower your expectations- what are you doing that doesn't NEED to get done?
2)OUTSOURCE! This is sooo hard for lotsa women, but remember- even if someone can do 60% as good as you, that's better than you being an overwhelmed mess!
3) Know you may be functioning on less sleep and not necessarily seeing things through your normal lenses. Reminding yourself (and others around you) that you're more irritable or out of focus than usual because you're just plain zonked, really helps! Give yourself grace and judge yourself kindly!
4) Remember it's a season- it's a crazy time of year but it won't last forever!
5) Remember also, you CAN temporarily function without sleep. It's more of a mental hurdle, but people have accomplished lotsa things while exhausted and even while sick (which often results from lack of sleep). Not saying it's easy, but it is doable!
Ok peeps, obviously the advice everyone gives still holds true- find babysitters, take naps, take care of yourself! We got this!
How do you survive when you're wiped?