Making Interior Design Easy For Moms

Hey there, I am Kayla Goldstein, an interior designer specializing in making moms' lives easier. See, there are little tricks that you can do when setting up your home (or redecorating) so that it is both beautiful and functional (read:super easy to keep organized and clean). 



Lets start with the entryway to your home. It's actually one of the most important spaces which commonly gets little or no attention at all. This is the glimpse into the rest of your home. It welcomes your visitors and yourself at the end of the day! Let's revamp this space so it becomes a beautifully designed entry-point and creates a warm impression as opposed to a clutter zone that lends itself to frustration. With a few clever tricks, the foyer will become a favorite space you are proud of. 


" A place for everything, and everything in its place" is a popular quote. 


Let's put this idea into practice. Look around your entry way and see where the shoes are getting kicked off, the jackets are getting dumped and the bags are being put down thoughtlessly. In that location - or as close to it as you can- create official drop zones. Hooks for kids' jackets, and a bin, basket or a plastic tray for shoes. Utilize the entryway in a way that serves you and your family. A console table can serve both as a decorative and statement piece which hints towards the style of the home, but as a mindful and purposeful item too. Designate a decorative tray for mail, a beautiful bowl for keys, and perhaps fresh flowers or a plant to bring warmth and smiles into your home. 

Have fun with the organization by selecting items that match your personal style and color pallet. (More on that topic to come. Stay tuned!)

(Brighten up the space using a mirror above the console table or a light fixture that reflects your style. Entryways tend to be tight spaces which lends itself to being dark and not inviting. You an even place a decorative or sleek table lamp on the console for more light.)


Entry pro tip: Clean up this area once a week; empty the bins and trays. 

Now every time you walk into your home instead of tripping, you are sure to be smiling! See how a few tricks can brighten up your day?

Ok, now that you are convinced let's move on to other areas of your home. How about the living room?



The living room sometimes causes stress for moms as opposed to being a calm and beautiful space. Moms with young children tend to find themselves tripping over a trail of toys. This can  happen if the living room doubles as a playroom, and can also happen if the children like to hang out in adult spaces. By implementing a few simple design solutions we will restore the calm and beauty of our living spaces. 


Have a multipurpose living room?

Include furniture that reflects the overall design aesthetic of the living room that will serve as a storage system.  Select a muted color so it blends into the background, and preferably one with doors to hide the toys. Buy baskets or bins for different toys so clean up is efficient and simple for the little ones to take ownership of. The idea is to reclaim the adult space at the end of the day. Clean up will be a breeze! (Toddler tip: Position yourself comfortably on the floor near the shelves and have your children bring the toys to you. Make it a game and have those toys put back just where they belong). It's important to go through the toys and purge frequently to avoid the toys becoming an unmanageable mess.  Sift through the toys and make sure to keep the ones your kids actually play with. Anything not used in the last two months, should be placed in storage or donated for others to enjoy.   


Have a separate playroom but toys keep ending up in the living room? 

Select multipurpose furniture for your living room, such as an ottoman that opens up for storage, a coffee table with drawers, or a basket at the side of the couch. At the end of the day, quickly place the collected toys in the storage solutions for easy clean up. Allow yourself to kick your feet up and enjoy a nice glass of wine in the adult space you have just reclaimed.  Remember our pro tip: Empty the bins weekly back into its designated space in the playroom. 


Living room pro tip for you: Include a rug for beauty, comfort, and to create boundaries so the toys remain concentrated to one area. This is more important than you may think. No one wants to keep finding toys in random places.  

Lets do one more, how about the master bedroom? Moms tend to overlook this room or leave it for last because of different reasons, but so many times it's because we don't think we are that important. News flash- you are the center of your home! You are the engine that keeps the home running smoothly. You deserve an oasis to retreat to at the end of the day. 



The master bedroom, or any bedroom, should be divided into zones. An area for sleeping, an area for dressing, and an area for relaxing

a. The Sleeping Zone

The sleeping zone should have nothing in it besides your bed and nightstands. You can include a calming piece of art above the bed and a soft rug under it. That is it! In addition, be sure that the wall you face as you relax in bed is bare or hang a soothing picture or painting. 


b. The Dressing Zone

The dressing area should be as far from the sleeping area as possible. Make sure that there is some way to close it off, either with a walk-in closet or a closet with doors. You want to be sure you don't collapse in bed with a view of your clothing. That just is not conducive to relaxing and recharging. Within the closet doors, be sure all items have a designated space. If one shelf or drawer tends to become messy more frequently, try to problem solve and identify another storage solution for those items. Using bins or drawer dividers can make all the difference. Sometimes, simply switching out the use of the drawers can solve the issue. For example, move pajamas to a higher drawer, and place less frequented items into a lower drawer. 


c. The Relaxing Zone

The chilling zone can be anything from a mini-living room with love seats, sofas and a small table, to simply a chair or chaise in the corner. It's nice  to have something other than the bed in your room for many reasons (try it, you’ll see). If your bedroom doesnt have the space to allow for a zone, don't fret. It's just an additional bonus! 


Here's the pro tip for your bedroom: Refrain from allowing your oasis to become a storage room. One more thing, one of my favorite color combinations to use in a master bedroom is soft blue and ivory. It is so soft, calming and can be channeled to be feminine or masculine. 

Okay, that was two! :)

I hope this gives you the push to start beautifying your home while making it easy to maintain. Let's band together to create beautiful homes that inspire us and make us happier people. Our surroundings can truly influence our state of minds! 

Final pro tip: Resist from compromising on color and style because something needs to be practical- it can be both! 

Please feel free to reach out to me on instagram @kayla_llc 

I'd love to hear from you how you are implementing these design tips and tricks into your homes!