24 Easy Snacks Ideas for Nursing Moms to Have On Hand: Suggestions from Real Moms

What foods or special items do you like to have on hand when you’re nursing? Here are real answers from moms in our community!

    • Brownies. Especially bite-sized ones. I could go through a huge bag every week!

    • Peanut butter sandwich.

    • Muffins and tea!

    • Lots and lots of water. Get the biggest bottle of water that you can imagine!

    • Instagram and chocolate. Great combination!

    • All the healthy fats! Nuts, seeds, avocados, granola, yogurt…

    • Dates! Top them with peanut butter!

    • My phone to look at pictures and videos of my baby!

    • String cheese! Yum!

    • Boobie bars--so helpful!

    • Oatmeal items.

    • Whole milk--you need the fat!

    • Gatorade to get the energy flowing.

    • Almonds--any kind of nuts, really!

    • Greek yogurt with granola!

    • Fresh fruit--it really refreshes you.

    • I like to make smoothies out of Chobani yogurt. A little yogurt, a little fruit, whir it up and you’ve got a great smoothie!

    • Apples and peanut butter--It’s so healthy! (Also, if you have gestational diabetes, it’s great.)

    • Cereal and milk--put it in a cup so it’s easy to eat!

    • Any kind of dried fruit is good.

    • Protein bars. It’s a meal in a one-handed bar.

    • Larabars--sweet and made from natural ingredients so it’s totally guilt-free.

    • Eggs mixed with potatoes The potatoes add texture and starch!

    • Sauce and cheese on refrigerator bagels--voila! Easy pizza!

    (P.S.--It’s okay if you accidentally drop some crumbs on baby...we’ve all been there!)

(P.S.--It’s okay if you accidentally drop some crumbs on baby...we’ve all been there!)


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