Healthy Snack Ideas for School Lunches


Every Sunday morning, I prepare the entire week's worth of snacks for each of my kids, bag them, add a special note, and don't have to think about it again all week! Just add the main the night before, and voila! 

 I have gotten so many questions from our instagram community asking for specific ideas to put into these daily snacks every week. So we took a poll... and here are some really awesome ideas from real moms in our community!

This way you can maximize your time with your family by doing all your shopping and prep in one day and have a worry free easy week.

Hope you enjoy!


  • Cut up red pepper or sliced cucumbers (dry them well to keep fresh all week)
  • Lara bars, dried fruit, homemade healthy cookies
  • Kind bars
  • Apple sauce
  • String cheese, rice cakes, Go-Go squeeze, bamba, pretzels, popcorn
  • Kind bars aren't so bad, especially the minis. Rice cakes, individual bags of nuts.
  • Chobani Gimmies, greek yogurt smoothies
  • Cucumber and hot sauce, chocolate-covered rice cakes or corn pops
  • Homemade low/no sugar muffins
  • Granola bars, cereal bars, applesauce pouches, squeeze yogurts
  • pretzels, granola bars and a snack bag
  • Olives, cereal, homemade muffins
  • Cheese stick, apple sauce, yogurt tube
  • Sweet potato chips for something crunchy
  • Veggie chips, pretzel thins, homemade muffins
  • Corn Pops or push-up applesauce
  • Raisins, craisins, apple sauce, chickpeas
  • Hippeas
  • Cheese sticks, fresh-squeezed orange juice (son juices it himself!)
  • Chickpeas, raisins, carrots
  • Crackers, cheese sticks, applesauce
  • Go-Go squeeze applesauce or popcorn, pretzels
  • Melba toast
  • Sliced up apples, washed berries, and grapes (dry well to keep fresh all week)
  • homemade granola or cookies
  • uncrustable sandwiches
  • chicken nuggets
  • bananas