How To Survive When Your Husband Goes Away, When You're Sick, Or Postpartum

How I survived two weeks with the kids and business while my husband was away (or how to survive after you’ve had a baby or as a sick mom)

Noam recently traveled to Thailand for 2 weeks, leaving me home to tend to the kids, house and business. As a business owner I share a lot of responsibilities at home and with the kids with my husband so this was not easy for me. At the same time my cleaning help and assistant were off due to religious holidays and my kids and I were sick. Needless to say this was NOT easy.

Since this happens several times a year and I’m becoming seasoned at staying positive and functional during these times. I’ve come up with some bullet points that help me get through these times, and I think these are relevant to postpartum women, and moms who are sick and trying to keep it together. I hope these pointers will help you too:

  • Go easy on yourself. Easier said than done, I know. But pushing off deadlines, projects and starting new things makes a really big difference. The first time Noam went away I launched  a nursing friendly fashion company, Havah Tribe. This was a huge mistake. This time when he went away at the anniversary of Havah Tribe when we planned a huge sale, I decided to push it off until he was back. Who would know anyway if the celebration begins a few weeks late and I regain my sanity.
  • Keep your expectations low- like really low. Feed yourself, feed your kids, make sure you have what to wear. That’s it. No big renovations, no pressure of clean houses or smashing family trips, lie low and give yourself some grace. Fish sticks for dinner are just fine. If they complain just say “it’s until daddy gets back” or “just until mommy feels better”. No one will remember and you’ll feel way less pressured.
  • Just enjoy your life. Stay in the moment. Removing my deadlines, pressures, appointments and expectations for big meals allowed me to just sit on the couch and read with my kids. Laugh at their silly games. Enjoy the baby. The attitude of lying low and putting nothing on my plate allowed me to really and truly chill and just be. I can’t always do that but for the time, it’s really a That way I don’t dread every time he leaves, knowing I’ll have some time to just live with no expectations and no pressures. Like a vacation from my brain!
  • Be spontaneous! Having said all of the above, do things you want to do on a whim! If you’re feeling up to it that day, take the kids on an awesome trip! Make some muffins or cookies if you feel like it. Watch a show or do something fun. Don’t plan it in advance if it will cause you pressure, but don’t lock yourself into doing nothing if you’re in the mood to be adventurous!
  • Throw out the rules! I love rules BUT there are times and places to chilax a bit and let everyone have some fun! In my house it looked like treats on random days, late night trips to the mall even though I knew the kids would be tired the next day, and having a babysitter come during dinner time one or two nights so I can disappear for a bit. These are not things I do regularly, but hey- no one died and we all had fun!
  • Turn on some music! This makes a huge difference in lifting everyone’s spirit, creating joy in the home and adding some magic!

Having said all that, it’s still not easy when Noam goes away, or when I’m postpartum, but hey, who said life is easy! It’s making sweet things out of the lemons that makes us stronger!


Have some pointers and tips to add? I’d love to read your comments in the comment section


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