Self Care Check List for Moms: 15 Ideas to refresh tired mamas


Moms, let’s get real: WE ARE SUPERHEROES. We run our homes and we run our lives. We wipe runny noses with one hand and create presentations with the other. We do laundry, cook dinner and answer emails all while juggling the baby and planning our next to-do list! Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it’s about time we did something just for us. Have your husband watch your kids and get some well-deserved rest and relaxation. You can’t run on caffeine and 2 hours of sleep forever, mamas! We asked our tribe for some of their favorite self-care ideas and here are our top picks!

  1. Spa day--a massage, a facial or even a mani-pedi will do the trick!
  2. Long, hot bubble bath--put on some music, light some candles and enjoy!
  3. A refreshing face mask--do it at home with some fun music and have yourself a silly dance party!
  4. Grab a glass of wine (or the bottle) and a good book--serenity.
  5. Take a solo walk or hike through a quiet, scenic area--bring your phone for safety and selfies!
  6. Online shopping--get yourself something pretty! (Hint: has some great options of nursing friendly and beyond! Wink)
  7. Have a girls’ night out with your friends--grab dinner AND drinks!
  8. Check into a hotel for the night--Egyptian cotton? Yes, please.
  9. Binge-watch Friends, The Office or your favorite comedy--laughter does a body good.
  10. Write in your journal--blow the dust off of it, jot down your thoughts and get reacquainted with your beautiful mind.
  11. Take a class--learn something you’ve always wanted to master like floral arrangements or cake decorating.
  12. Meditate--download a breathing or a rain sounds app on your phone and shut out the rest of the world.
  13. Go to the gym--no, not to lose weight, to get your adrenaline pumping!
  14. Play hooky--take the day off work and go out alone, with a friend or your partner!
  15. Let someone else do the work for one day--hire someone to cook your meals or clean your house and have your husband drop the kids off at school/pick them up!

However you decide to spend your me-time, make sure you’re doing something that feels great. Put yourself on your to-do list, because sometimes it’s okay to come first! You are incredible and you deserve a day! Let us know what you did to celebrate you! #TribeTalk

By Jaimie Brick @socialmediabyjaimie


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