Vacation In Real Life

I’ve gotta tell you guys real life is so..... classic!

Here I was so excited to finally take a vacation for just a few days and just breath some real fresh air!!

Well, we got to our destination like 8 hours later than planned, the hotel did not have a crib for the baby, we had to run to Walmart to get a pack n play at 11:30 pm only to lay awake with a screaming baby all night long. I’m sure you’re smiling reading this because I know you all know what I mean!!

After waking up to 3 coughing kids (after a 6:00 am nap) the last thing I felt like doing was to get dressed and go see attractions.

But that’s the thing about #momlife- sometimes (aka lots of times) you just gotta do it! Put on a big smile and go do it! And somehow the memories are made and the smiles are infectious and we have a great time! It’s a choice we make every time we’re zonked or sick and say I’m gonna do it anyway, for them and for me! And like you all know, the payoff is always there! 

So no, it did not start off like the dream vacation I had painted for myself, but at the end of a long tired day I feel proud and happy for overcoming another obstacle and creating memories I will treasure!

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