I'm Tsippi, founder of Havah Tribe. After the birth of my third baby, I just got tired of "making do" with nursing blankets, covers, and inconvenient clothes. As a modest mom, I felt that there has to be something out there for women like me who have multiple kids and want to enjoy motherhood. And there just had to be a line of clothing I could wear at any stage- practical enough for nursing but trendy enough to wear before and after too! Instead of being stressed about feeding the baby everywhere I go, I went hunting for a solution. Having had very very difficult pregnancies, I was ready to just "be" again, and the wardrobe problems just added a lot of discomfort to my day.. 


After interviewing toooooooons of modest moms I realized I wasn't alone in this struggle. No one wants to wear maternity after having a baby, and no one wants to have to take their whole dress off or have their midriff hanging out every time baby is hungy! My sister (el fashionista) and I (el businessista) spent moooooonths researching styles, hiring an awesome team from FIT, trying out thousands of fabrics and most importantly trying on our samples to make sure they were not only rocking it fashionistically, but also just the easiest for nursing. What were we looking for? 1) no obvious zippers; 2) a dress that looks like a dress, not a nursing dress; 3) comfort; 4) trending; 5) awesomeness.


Havah tribe is a lifestyle brand focused on Mom. Besides for making mom look and feel great, we're all about enhancing your motherhood experience. Cuz let's face it, moms are all out there giving and doing for everyone else, but it has to be sustainable. And it's sustainable by making sure to take care of ourselves too.


While our brainchild consisted of high end, American made, sustainable, and ethically produced clothing, we realized that this comes with a heavy price tag. We want every mom to just love being a nursing mom, so we added a collection of imported affordable clothing. With our large selection of garments and price points, there is something for everyone! Don't believe me, try it for yourself! And then let me know what you think! Honestly, it's the 21st century, no one should have to just "make do" anymore.

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