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What People Are Saying About Us

"I love how the dresses were packaged and shipped! The handwritten note, the lavender... you guys definitely know what a busy, overwhelmed, and tired mom needs!" 
- Chanie T.

"The dress is really beautiful and the color is gorgeous!  It feels like fantastic quality! The fabric, stitching, and color all exceeded my expectations!  So glad you finally exist!" 
- Faygie A.

"Now I get to wear stunning dresses and be able to nurse super easily and conveniently while still looking awesome and stylish and I couldn’t be happier. The zip idea is genius!" 
- Hannah C.

Nurse Practically.

We're here for you every zip of the way

Havah Tribe

Havah Tribe features an extensive line of modest dresses, shirts and undergarments suited for breastfeeding. Our products are designed to be nursing friendly and beyond, with hidden openings for breastfeeding. Check out our winter collection and experience breastfeeding on a new level of ease, convenience and style! 

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